1. Type of Dies & Punches:- There are different type of Dies & Punches used for making Tablets.

    D-Tooling - Used in 16 Stations machines
    BD-Tooling - Used in 23 to 27 Station machines.
    B-Tooling - Used in 27 to 35 stations machine.
    BB-Tooling - Used in 45 and above stations machines

2. Material:- For Tablet Dies & Punches, Material plays an important role. Depending upon the medicines its Material of construction (M.O.C) is used. Material that we use is O.H.N.S, H.C.H.C (W.P.S) & S7 for the better production and quality.
O.H.N.S (Oil Harding Non Shrinking):- We use this material only for making Punches for medicines which do not require pressure, mostly used for Allopathic medicines and Dies are made from H.C.H.C
H.C.H.C (High Carbon High Chromium):- We use this material for both Punches & Dies for medicines which require more pressure, mostly used for Ayurvedic medicines.
S7:- This is High Grade Material which increases you production 70 Times as compare to other material. This material requires Vacuum Harding. If your Tablets are having Sticking Problem, it is advisable to use this material with CRN coating on it.


3. Coating: - Lubricant, Wear Resistance & Corrosion Resistance are some of the problems which can occur in Dies & Punches. So to avoid such problems Hard Crome, Chromium Nitrate (CRN), Electro less Nickel(ECN) coatings are done on Dies & Punches. It’s an optional process; we do it only if it’s required by our clients.
4. Shapes: -Round and Capsule are most commonly used shapes in pharma companies. We also customize shapes as per the client’s requirement. For example:- Star,Square, Hexagon,Triangle, Heart, etc.